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How do I create an Allura Event Furniture account?
Create an account in the upper right corner of our site. This account will give you access to your wishlist, and allow you to see quotes and order history. 

How can I change my shipping address?
In your account, click addresses or account details. Addresses will allow you to add multiple shipping addresses. Account details will allow you to update billing information and account details. For shipping adjustments on current orders, please contact your Allura Event Furniture sales representative



How can I track my orders & payment?
In your account click on “orders”. This will allow you to see any order you have placed as well as payments made. For up-to-date tracking information on an order, please contact your Allura Event Furniture sales representative. 

How do I cancel my orders before I make a payment?
Please contact your Allura Event Furniture sales representative for cancellations or changes to an order you have already placed. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive after I make payment?
Shipping and delivery times depend on item availability and quantity. Your Allura Event Furniture sales representative will have projected shipping and delivery information for you. Items in stock in one of our distribution centers will arrive quicker than custom orders items coming from our overseas locations. 

How do you ship my orders?
Allura Event Furniture has several distribution centers and warehouses across the US. Your order will ship from the location closest to your delivery destination. 



You don’t have the product I am looking for. Can you get it?
Please let us know if you are looking for a specific item. We may be able to get it for you or custom manufacture the product. Connect with your Allura Event Furniture Sales Representative for additional information. 

The product I received is not what I ordered. What do I do?
If the product you received is not the product you believe was ordered, please contact your Allura Event Furniture sales representative right away to fix the issue. 

A product I have in my inventory is no longer available. What do I do? 
While the Allura Event Furniture team makes every effort to ensure product lines will last for long periods of time, on occasion products will no longer be available. The Allura team understands that this can be frustrating. An Allura team member is ready to work with you on potential complementary pieces to your existing inventory or create replacement opportunities for your inventory. 



Contact us here. An Allura Event Furniture team member is happy to help you.